Central Station

It was baking central at my Mom and Dad's house yesterday. In a matter of hours sour cream cookies were iced (a holiday standard in my home growing up) and the gingerbread was packed away. It is a neighborhood fact, if not city-wide, that my Mom makes theeeeee beeeeeest gingerbread. Holiday treats are best shared so my sister and I packed home two sturdy bags full. Thank you Mom!

At midnight last night, I had gingerbread violins, notes, and hearts packed away in little bags for my students and granola in tins for friends.

This morning, a coffee and cookie for breakfast was a must.


Carla said…
Wow, Erika. You are amazing. I can't believe you've had time to make all those crafty goodies! In 3 more days I'll be in the same country as you and we'll wave to you and Arden from our little spot on the ocean! Merry Christmas!