Back At It.

After a full first few months back in Edmonton, we are now living a somewhat more stable lifestyle, so this week I finally entered back into violin lessons with Mr. Keene-The-Great. It is good to be back at it.

We started a Hungarian piece that has bursts and waves of speedy parts that are so fast, I get lapped me most of the time.

The piece is called Csardas (pronounced Char-dash).

Mr. Keene says it sounds like some kind of gypsy casserole.


Here is the great Roby Lakatos playing the same piece. Gypsy-through-and-through... Short and stubby with a pirate mustache and fingers like sausages. He's over-the-top outrageous but his hands are so fast they look like the wings of hummingbirds.

Stupid fast. What's with musicians thinking everything has to be a race?


ummm...yeah...that's insane!! When you play that please film it and show me...or show me something you've played in general cuz I haven't heard you play anything since your recital with Miss Kim in Kunming! Old School!!
Unknown said…
Isaac LOVED that song! As soon as I started playing that video, he dropped his toys and watched from his high chair across the room, completely fascinated! By the way, I can't believe you're going to actually play that! - Heidi
Unknown said…
By the way, it's my husband who is the "coffeemaster"... I'm just using his google account :)!
Carla said…
Um - WOW. That should warm up your violin playing skills real fast!
Jen said…
oh my goodness-good luck with that!