'tis the season

Aches and pains.
Chilled to the bone.
A persistent fever,
and an uncomfortable tummy,

It seems cold and flu season has found me.
I am taking an extended long weekend against my will.

I'll be back when I am off the couch, out of pajama pants, running laps around the river valley and back to my normal self.

In the mean time--stew, carbonated beverages, funny shows, tea, toast and honey, and good company are keeping my spirits up.

Stay healthy!


Carla said…
Ohhhh... I'm sorry you're sick. Hope you're over it really quick! Just finished Thanksgiving dinner and am now digesting with a blanket by the fireplace. (Which isn't actually on, unfortunately, since all the boys will instantly begin complaining about how hot it is.) We need to talk sometime - I have something to tell you!
Carla said…
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