Little ones.

I don't have much to say today besides:

-I met my little niece for the first time and she is the icing on my cake, the gravy on my potatoes, the cinnamon on my latte... yup, she's that great.

-I relished another afternoon with my sister and her daughter behind a camera, taking moments to cuddle this sweet one, listening as K & M shared their story, blinking back tears, and just STARING at such a beautiful bundle. She is already a blessing and all she does is poop, eat, and sleep. Thank you for coming sweet, sweet Ellie. We are so glad you are here.


Nicole said…
Seriously Erika, these are beautiful photos. You should really consider doing photo shoots on the side (you know in all your spare Your new little neice is precious. Congrats again to the new little family.
Carla said…
ERIKA! Good pictures! you are getting better and better. What a cute little niece you have! AHH! So... today I started sorting through all my files from college, and I came across your letter that you saved on one of my disks on why you wanted to go to Thailand. Aw!
Miss Woodcutter said…
welcome home Erika! I hope to see you on Sunnyday :) I was sick, and therefore lost my oportunity to make Arden cookies while you were gone (ones with his name on, not students)! But I will now have to make you both cookies :D
Lovely photos (helps having lovely subject matter!)

See you on the 23rd?

Elsie & Bob
Unknown said…
Hey you!
Hope you are well and have managed to settle back into life. I've now found your cyber space! YAY! x