In other news, the Christmas season is upon us and the countdown to Christmas Tree Day has commenced!

With myself being back in school Arden and I are saving our little pennies. I am determined to make half my Christmas gifts this year which is pretty ambitious for me (key to this ambition: I should have started two weeks ago). However, I'm starting to feel pretty good about my goal after I stepped foot in the big 'ol West Edmonton Mall yesterday and almost gave myself an ulcer with the amount of consumer spending. Yowzers. I made sure I picked up the things that can sadly only be found at WEM and got 'outta there until January... if ever.

I perused the discount isle in Old Navy for baby-wear for a dear couple in our lives that are expecting early next year and snitched the owl ensemble, crocheted my own scarf and stitched up a matching baby owl (ALL in between thrilling episodes of Prison Break Season 1 DVDs... I gotta say, it'll take more than a crochet hook to tear me away now).


I'm still making my Christmas shopping list :). I love the owl ensemble.
Carla said…
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Carla said…
A quote from my husband after viewing your newest craft: "your friends are ridiculously talented."