week 1

Full, intense, rich, and warm. My mind is working overtime and I'm struggling to process and contain everything while making room for more.

The folks in my program are a delight and a blessing. Something pretty magical happens when you put 10 musical, like-minded individuals in a room. I'm pretty certain that I belong to the greatest masters program ever. I still cannot believe that something so academic for the creatives of culture exists. I have had many "ah-ha" moments over the past four days.

I am missing home and yet there are things here that feel home-like. Fireplaces, warm drinks, sweaters, and scarves.

It is true that the turning of leaves in the east is spectacular.

Here is a little something to remind my husband that I am alive and well and will be home in 7 little days. We went for a hike up to the top of Dominion Hill (where I'm staying). The trails were a treat but the view at the end was the icing on the cake.
I miss you, love. You need to experience this place with me.


Cass said…
I'm glad to here that you are having a wonderful and productive time.
Arden and Erika said…
I miss you too, my love. Every little facet of you is amazing and incredible. I love you with all I am.

look at all these trees, I feel affinity with everything so soft and still
budding at my fingertips
touching you I start to bloom
alive with trains and passing ships
soft and sweet along your lips now
I go "oh wow"
It looks like a wonderful place to "just be" and soak in knowledge about our Creator. I miss you too! No baby D yet...