We have returned from a wonderful weekend of connecting with friends and family.

Generous meals were shared together, quality time was had by all and the many blessings I possess were reaffirmed and flourished... namely, food and conversation.

Today, after a wonderful meal, I was able to share a few special moments with my sister behind the lens of a camera. She is such a beauty. She is a glowing pregnant lady too! We are expecting to meet this little one any day now. I am continually blessed by family and know that this new one will add to the already overflowing basket of joy.

This week my nose will continue to be at the grindstone. I will pop up for air every now and again.

Be well!


darien said…
Good job on the pics Erika..especially the first one.

Praying for your nose and the rest of you this week
Unknown said…
Hi Erika. I was SO hoping that you would have pictures of Kristin! Love her tummy!!!

Would you mind emailng me ( with their email. I've been dying to chat with them and we don't have our old email right now. (which means I don't have their email addy).

Thanks a ton. SOunds like you're keeping busy too.