Moved In.

Wow! Thanks for the ready response to read my papers. I should have the first batch complete by the end of the week and I just might call upon your special skills.

It took one sturdy weekend at home (believe it or not, it is our first full weekend in one place since we got back) to get the final box unpacked and sorted. It has been nice to downsize our belongings a bit--a little one-bedroom apartment suite kinda demands it. My husband's middle name is Productive, so the sifting through of old things (childhood keepsakes, binders from HIGH SCHOOL, old bank statements) that was not done when we got married is officially complete and it is absolutely wonderful to have less clutter in our lives (namely MY clutter... I do have a tendency to collect things).

In all the sorting I came across these old photo booth pictures of us. I think we got these taken soon after we started dating, three-something-years ago. How time flies. I do love a good set of photo booth pictures. I don't even remember what brought on Arden's outrageous facial expression in the first one or the last one for that matter. That guy is 'outta control sometimes. How I love him.