Friday Morning Little Ones.

I know school has been in session for upwards a month now but, as kids and parents alike have been taking their time figuring out their own fall schedules and trying to settle into a routine of sorts, violin teachers are the last ones to receive a timetable that is remotely stable. Consequently, this week is the FIRST full week with all my new students, and there are a few. This year I am also teaching on Saturdays which is a new thing for me and hopefully a good one.

Last night I whipped up some cookies for them as a treat for the start of a new year of learning music. I quietly mulled over the events along the trail of my first week back teaching.

-a little fellow that is either borderline genius or borderline OUT OF CONTROL. Quite possibly both.

"I need you to stop playing. Stop moving your bow. Stop it NOW!!!"

*followed by an INTENSE and highly dangerous stare with his squinty eyes and determined little lips almost embedding themselves into his 6-year-old-skull. His stare most likely would have killed me right then and there if I hadn't put on my top of the line teaching-scowl-shield that morning.*

Followed by him playing D minor chords up and down the piano.

"Do you play the piano?"

-a longtime student of mine breaking down into uncontrollable sobs and alligator tears, asking for her Mom.

-a little one that is pretty certain that her violin is IN FACT a GIRL. Wha???

-a fresh-kindergarden-er curling up on a piano bench upon entrance into his lesson and falling asleep. School is a big deal for these little ones. Why pack their already roller-coaster-NEW-routine full of another extracurricular activity? Ah violin teachers, we're always the slave drivers.

-a little one that is most likely Webster's definition of adorable incarnate. Her little cardigan and pleated skirt with polka-dotted tights, grinning ear to ear the whole time.

-a little 7-year-old that is already playing Bach's minuets and too darn smart (and CUTE) for her own good.
"Mrs. K, I memorized all my pieces, and have been working on adding dynamics, and I am pretty sure that my bow is straighter than you've ever seen."

It is good to be seen. Welcome back dear ones.


Miss Woodcutter said…
Erika I love your writing style! And the best thing is that I can totally hear your voice when I read, it's like you're talking in the same room. Keep up your creative self, and your friendly self, and your yourselfness...
Cass said…
Sounds like you've had an eventful first week of lessons! I hope that your Saturday lessons are a good thing!