So it appears I have been called in for jury duty. I never in a billion years thought I would ever be summoned. Whoever decided to put this face in a courtroom is crazy.

They will also have this face to deal with if my debut jury appearance turns into a drawn out trial.


Dear Mister Judge,
I can think of a billion other things to do in a day then get caught up in someone's criminal business. Frankly, I don't find myself all that qualified. However, I really do desire more justice in this little world where injustice wins far too often. So, I have responded to my summons and will be at the courthouse next week with bells on. BUT, if my ONE day of jury duty taints my view of our justice system and I am jaded forever, I will NOT be pleased. Sheesh.


Cass said…
Yikes! I hope I never get called for Jury duty.