Cute x 10.

Can I just say how ridiculously cute our nephew is? This kid blows me away with his brains, joy, laughter, and sweet spirit... and he's not even TWO!!! I cannot get enough of him. He came toddling into our room this morning while I was still trying to overcome the power of grogg, and Arden whispered in my ear,

"Someday, we're going to have cute kids and it will be great." I whispered back, grinning ear to ear, in all my morning breath glory,


Little Nephew, you have blessed me with the joy that children bring. Keep on running, jumping and growing... because you're great.


Nicole said…
Erika, you bring tears of joy to my eyes as you speak such kind words of our son. You and Arden will make such beautiful parents someday. We love you guys :)