Summer evenings well spent.


An evening of drawing, crafting, laughing, chocolate milk/cream soda/root beer drinking, lots of grinning, newly met-for-real-face-to-face-not-on-the-internet-art-making-friends = one swell evening. I got my grubby hands on a box of pretty paper and never left. Thanks blogging pal for inviting my husband and I to your home and letting us use your sweet art goods! I sure hope I can see you and those lovely friends of yours again, because you're all keepers.

Arden and I have spent today, lounging around, watching our newly received DVD from our wedding (I have to say that it still trumps all days as THE MOST beautiful), listening to CDs, and brainstorming a wicked BBQ dinner.

Summer is not done yet.

*** my dear friend came up with the eye-less, smiling cartoon characters for our wedding invitation. They are my favorite.


natasha said…
You will SO see us again. It was great having you lovely folks there.
Cass said…
I want to see that dvd! I wish we had someone to run a camcorder at our wedding...but unfortunately, we don't know anyone with one, and it's not in the budget, so I guess our memories will have to do. :) Can't wait to see you Saturday!