A first.

Somehow Arden and I have managed to have never been introduced to this game. Tonight we were invited over to a young couple's house for an evening of board-games and tea and changed just that. We both caught on to the game and strategy involved quite quickly, but somehow in our travels I have lost my horseshoe and now I can't win a game to save my life... not even crib.

Thanks Tina and Eric for an evening well spent. You're a couple of good eggs.


darien said...

ah! Settlers! We love that game. And Cities and Knights too--it's an add on.

but have you been introduced to Ticket to Ride yet? you just might be hooked!

Cass said...

You'd never played Settlers before?! Crazy!

Carla said...

Hey! Funny - our friends just had us over on Friday night and taught us that game! It IS really fun!