There and Back Again.

[Our First Week in Kunming]

-Watching proud and teary eyed as Nathan graduated
-Erika helping Mom a little bit in the classroom with marking/filing/packing and final report cards kind of stuff.
-Meeting many new faces both young and old alike.
-Nathan and Arden roaming the streets, braving traffic, jamming on guitar, and enjoying many bowls of noodles.
-Erika digging deep in her grey matter for Chinese words.
-Many grins and hugs shared with family.
-Beautiful conversations shared over mugs of coffee.

Tonight we are settling down to enjoy one of my favorite things we always did as a family on Sunday evenings: Popcorn, apples, cheese, sodas, and a movie.

Good and Great.


Cass said…
I'm so excited that we got to talk so briefly online. Hope your trip to the village is good :) Miss your faces!!
Please deliver from us - hugs for everyone! See you soon too!
M said…
Sounds awesome! Say hello to everyone from me! love, me.