Arden is too lazy to blog.

We have spent two nights in Berlin and so far this city has been wonderfully easy-going. We are finding that our pennies take us further in this city then in the other European cities we´ve stopped in. We are staying in a cute little apartment style hotel that is managed by a charming older German gentleman. We have use of a kitchen (complete with SPICES and a plethora of dishes), we have a private room, free internet access, fresh brewed coffee in the morning, it is ridiculously quiet at night time, and it is all cheaper than our little hostel in Venice. Berlin is great.

We find ourselves slowly easing into vacation mode. With five whole days in this city we aren´t packing our days as full and we are taking things a little bit slower.

People are so helpful and friendly here and in general more people speak English which is quite handy.

Today was Berlin Wall day. We walked slowly through a monument that described the events that led up to and preceded the building of the wall. It was quite a lot to take in. Arden and I realized that up until now on our travels we have mainly been looking at history that is hundreds of thousands of years old. This was the first stop that we have seen the effects of moments in history that happened in our life time! We walked along a stretch of the wall that has been preserved and used as an art gallery of sorts. All 2km of it is completely covered in graffitti. Even as we walked through other parts of the city today crumbling portions of the wall popped up here and there... the only evidence that this city is still rebuilding itself.

It has been good to walk lots. To learn even more. And to be humbled, over and over and over again. Arden and I have had wonderful times of journeying together. It´s hard to believe that one more week and then the Europe portion of our adventure will be over.

Europe we loved you good.

PS: Ten months of marriage as of yesterday! Arden, being married to you is a gift. I would walk this world ten times over with you.