this and that and an epic list.

The "Love to Haiti" music benefit was great fun. So much so, I am still recovering from a weekend on the go. As you've probably gathered the City TV event did not pan out. They contacted us about a month ago and said that they wished to cover the entire event but in the end were no shows. It was just as well. A lot of awareness was raised for the medical situation in Haiti and a lot of good music was made. Thank you to everyone and their support! Arden and I have been making music with some new friends since last year and it was awesome to play some original tunes among friendly faces.

A little somethin' somethin' arrived in the mail for me today. Have I told you how much I love receiving things in the mail?!?!

I have been a big supporter of the crafting community Etsy and a consistent lurker of this gal's fabulous art for about a year now and I must admit that sometimes it feels like she has tapped into the same art tree as me. Like the "guy and girl" print that's hanging on my fridge. Without a shadow of a doubt, it's Arden and I she painted.

A dear friend and lurker of this blog sent Arden and I a little something for our travels. What might appear like a cute little print....

....Is actually the cutest passport holder by the lady behind The Black Apple herself!

I won't mention any names but, THANK YOU Theresa! You are such a thoughtful friend. Arden and I love our little passport holders and will treasure them forever.

2 weeks today we board an airplane that will take us to new sights and moments that are sure to blow our minds. There are many tasks to complete before we leave which is slightly overwhelming. Packing up our little cottage is next on the list. Home, you have served us well.


Theresa said…
Yeah!! I'm so glad they made it to you! Not too many more sleeps and you will be off on your grand adventure. I'm sooo excited for you!


P.S. Now I finally got some sort of id so now I can comment! I can put my lurking ways behind me!