Spring Busywork

You know what I love? A few quiet moments with my journal, breakfast, and sunny spring pouring through my window.

Mmmmm. That's nice.

There is much to do. If another student calls in sick and requests a make-up lesson I just might chuck my bow at them. Ok, that wouldn't be the right thing to do. There's no reason to chuck an 800 dollar twig... at sick kids. I have one more week of teaching and my lesson count is up around the thirties. eep!

Maybe I will pop in again on the weekend. Maybe not. You all have a great end of the week.

Be well dear ones.


Cass said…
I love the streaming spring sunshine...
Please don't chuck your bow at children...not because I care about the children, but you wouldn't want to damage your bow!!
Amber said…
lol@bow chucking at sick children.