I broke down and finally sorted through my bedroom closet. I'm kind of feeling horrible over the amount of stuff I own. It is not necessary to have as much as I do. Part of my problem is my inability to part with anything sentimental. I finally donated my high school grad dress to Good Will. I graduated six years ago people. My own clutter is really starting to irk me now.

I was browsing through old pictures and came across these--a photo and video from my last adventure overseas... It feels like it happened in another lifetime.

I promise Mom that there will be absolutely no hitch-hiking or sketchy traveling this time around. *grin*

PS: This video features Amber, Carla, Jess, and Dave's hitch-hiker's thumb. Pretty much the best travel buddies ever. Now I have a new travel buddy and I must say that he's grand.


Cass said…
I'm kind of dreading moving to another place, because we are intending to have a massive purge as well...I too have a problem letting go of sentimental stuff...but Russ doesn't, so we should be good!