new for two

I gave this little blog of mine a new 'do to make way for some serious travel blogging action and a new contributor that will be coming on board... Sweet, sweet husband of mine. I promise you he is GREAT so say a big hello and give him a 'lil bit of love.

One week today and we will be on route to Dublin, Ireland. Eeeeeek! I may pop in again at the end of the week when our bags are packed, our possessions are stored, and the very last student has been taught.

Stay warm!


darien said…
haha. I love it. And I'm SO glad you'll be posting while your gone. Cause seriously, your blog has become a daily thing for me. It's entertaining and thought-provoking and oh so smart.

And I feel like I know you and that charming husband of yours. It's very cool!

(have a terrific trip. I'm oh so jealous)
Kindra said…
Erika, I'm really glad you are going to post about your travels, and that Arden is coming on board. I LOVE the pic of your feet. Totally appropriate and way too cute. Have fun and God Bless!!
Cass said…
I'm sure Arden will not put the blog to shame...

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