love much.

My band is playing at a benefit concert this week to raise money for Haiti. You should come. It should be such a good time with good music and love for Haiti. Oh, AND one of my new favorite up-and-coming artists Andy Shauf is totally playing at it as well.... his music is full of light and things that are good! Unfortunately for those of you with kiddos, it will be a late night. I don't think we play until after 10:30pm.

Oh ya, for those of you in Edmonton we're supposed to be playing on City TV on Friday morning. I don't have all the details on that, but stay tuned!

This is kind of a hectic week coming up and I may be going a little bonkers. Translation: I will be a little sparse around these parts for a couple days!

OK Bye!


Carla said…
ohhh - i wish i could come!!
Cass said…
I wish I could come, as well! Find out details about City TV though, and let us know!!!