A Girl With Too Many Shoes.

Arden reminds me so much of my Dad sometimes, it kills me. So encouraging, frugal with money, a quick sense of humor, and a VERY practical mind! Already the motto, "You pack it, you carry it!" Has been instituted in our house.

I have a problem. I love shoes. At the age of five I would beg my Mom to take me past the shoe stores to window shop. I never had to try them on, I just wanted to look. No word of a lie.

Living off of a student budget for four years, and now saving money for our travels my shoe purchases have been few, but no less glorious.

The deal I've made with Arden has been my shoe choices must be practical for the trip, and I have to carry them in my own backpack.

A friend of mine once joked when I got new glasses, "Did you get shoes to match?" Oh, you know me too well.

Arden got me a massive backpack for Christmas for our trip. You bet I got shoes to match. Just kidding! Who buys shoes to match their backpack? I did save my pennies to buy a good pair of walking shoes. I spent probably the most I have ever spent on a pair of shoes at MEC. Why buy one pair of shoes when you can buy three for the same price? A friend later commented that they are the most "Erika" looking hiking shoes she's ever seen. I take that as a complement.

I am also taking a pair for going out,

Beach days (seriously the most comfortable sandals I've ever owned that were bought in a moment of dire need in Thailand three years ago)

And only one pair that are slightly impractical. A cute dainty pair of shoes like this CANNOT be left at home. Besides they are thinner than a pair of socks and will fit nicely in my backpack.

Don't laugh. I know there are others out there who have to think long and hard about what shoes to take on trips.


Cass said…
I'm the exact same way...Luckily, when we go to Hawaii, I will not have to carry my shoes on my back the whole time...so I'm not too worried :) Isn't it funny how often people end up with someone who is much like their parents? Russ reminds me of my dad in quite a few ways too!
Amber said…
lol, you're definitely the Cute Shoes Queen. I aspired to have cute shoes one day, but for now I have two choices "crappy pair of shoes", and the "less crappy pair of shoes." Also I have boots.
I LOVE your pictures and yes those ARE Erika shoes...my curse is I love shoes and buy shoes but my foot arch is too high so I can rarely wear cute shoes long without being in misery and crippled like someone with bound feet. I miss you friend.