Free Ones.

As Arden and I prepare to pack up our little cottage and store our belongings for the summer, we have begun the "sorting process." It is crazy how much you can accumulate from just plain existing. We have been so purposeful with the spending that we have done over the past eight months it's impossible to believe that stuff piles up.

I am such a pack-rat. My husband is not. Our marriage is seriously a match made in heaven.

Arden is teaching me that life can exist without clutter. Amen.

We got buttons made for our wedding favors and have quite a few left over. Some of them are spoken for but if any of you blog lurkers would like a couple sweet ones I would love to send some your way. Email me your me your address and I'll set you up! We probably have about 20-30 of each design left over.


natasha said…
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natasha said…
So I removed my first post becasue I spelled 'because' wrong. I did not know it would leave that stupid note. Anyways original post with correction...

So I just started lurking your blog because you linked to mine: you by the way) and apparently we are the same person. I own the same bowls you have your buttons are in and I make buttons. Also, I read another comment where someone thought "Natasha Lawyer" was your pseyudonym (wow I can't spell) because our art is similar. I think I just had a brain anuryism (boy am I ever using words that are hard to spell in this comment). Also, I am a real person.