First, make tea.

It was marvelous to take a break from packing and running around to sit and visit with some dear friends that were on a giant road trip all the way from Colorado. I made stew and tea and much warmth and love was shared by all.

I was hoping to be finished teaching by today but the winter weather that has been present as of late has made Friday, "frantically finish teaching a billion lessons" day.

Wonderful aspects of teaching this week:
*Being the recipient of many hugs and gifts from students and parents alike this. Kids realizing how much they have learned and moving forward--busting out musical skills and taking great risks. I'm sure going to miss those stinkers.

Not so wonderful aspects of teaching this week:
*Being the recipient of unkind, hurtful and bewildering messages from some parents. I tell you. You can pour your heart and soul into some kids and it is still not enough. I am learning to be professional. I am learning when to speak up. I am learning to make boundaries.

More packing and tea drinking is to be had by us tonight.


Cass said…
Some kids' parents, I tell ya...
Oh well. Glad you were able to take a breather and enjoy some food and friends! Love your new picture, btw.