Monday nights are date nights for Arden and I. We hardly ever go out, but it is more a set time for us to have some down time at home with one another. Most of the time we are successful at leaving the evening for us. Some weeks we can both have really brutal schedules making me really thankful for an evening together.

Today was the first day in a long time that I have had access amounts of energy at my disposal. It was awesome! Most of the resurgence of energy has been due to my friend oil of oregano. A week ago I came to the end of my antibiotics and still felt pretty horrible. A dear nurse friend recommended that before I go get more antibiotics I try taking oil of oregano. It tastes like acid and makes me gag every time but it did something because I feel amazing.

To celebrate good health Arden and I enjoyed a killer meal together. I brainstormed all morning with the head baker at the bakery on what would add pizazz to a normally dull lasagna. We came up with a list of ingredients:
-ricotta cheese
-Parmesan cheese
-mozzarella cheese
-roasted red pepper and zucchini
-lean ground beef
-spicy Italian sausage
-whole wheat lasagna noodles

I have to admit I felt slightly gourmet preparing it. I don't think I have ever come up with a recipe out of my head that didn't need tweaking. The spicy Italian sausage and roasted vegetables pretty much made the dish. Now I just have to write down what I did before I forget.

Arden and I spent the remainder of the evening walking. We walked along my usual running path and took an hour walking what normally takes me twenty minutes to jog. Before my lungs filled with fluid three weeks ago I was gearing up to run a 10K on St. Patty's Day. Now I just want to get strong enough to carry a 80 litre pack on my back for three months. Arden says we're going to go walking everyday and get me strong.

I keep reminding myself to go slow and steady.

Now another batch of granola is in the oven, my husband is playing guitar behind me, and our bathroom needs to be cleaned.

Off I go. Hope you were all able to enjoy this Easter Monday.


Kindra said…
It's good to hear you are feeling better Erika! When do you leave for your trip?
darien said…
oh, I'm SO glad you are feeling better. I have continued to pray for you, and this is just hte BEST news.

Now I'll start praying for your 80 pound pack :-) (My whole goal at the gym is to try to carry myself around France in the fall)
Carla said…
OH, I'm SO glad that you are starting to feel better!