slow and sure.

I am pretty sure that I have slept more in the past two weeks than I have in my entire life. I go to sleep at 10pm and do not even stir until 11am the next morning. Sleep, I cannot get enough of you.

This sickness is taking it's time in leaving my system and I must say I was ready to be healthy about a week ago.

I'm such a downer when I'm sick so I'm sorry you poor blog browsers have had to stumble upon a bluesy blog such as this. It is true trying times build character. I am eating it by the spoonful. Character that is.

I have taken some big steps in doing what I can to stay healthy from now on. Every morning I dive into a vitamin buffet. If such a spread of vitamins doesn't cure a defective immune system I don't know what will.

Some friends of ours brought us supper in a crock pot this week and I pretty much bawled through each spoonful of homespun friendship soup. Community freakin' rocks.

Last weekend I attended a beautiful show featuring dear friends in a LOFT! I cannot get over just how brilliant having a show in a loft is. Intimate and soothing to the soul. I was not ready to leave such an atmosphere nor depart from amazing friends when the evening came to an end.

I must admit that I feel like a puppy waiting for Arden to come home at the end of the day. If I am left alone for a couple hours I get antsy, let alone a whole day.

Brighter days are on the horizon. I can feel it. It is not healthy to belly ache over such gloomy days. Spring is just around the corner.


PNGPilot said…
So How long have you been sick?? How come we, your parents in a far away land haven't been kept abreast of your health.... :-) cuz we still worry and care about you a lot.... and cuz we miss you all terribly..... but soon and very soon y'all will be on this side of the pond and a shout of great joy will rise up from the confines of Kunming airport :-))

We love you both,
Dad and Mom too
Carla said…
awwww... are you feeling better yet? It sounds like this has been forever! I wish I lived close and I'd come over and bring scrabble and keep you company while Arden is at work and make you food. (here's to wishing from miles away...)