Like butter.

Rosie Thomas is one of my favorite artists as of late. She sings with Sufjan Stevens on her latest release, "These Friends of Mine". It is a beautiful CD of spirituality, friendship, love, and light. I cannot tell you how much this CD means to me.

I just found a song of hers in which she sings a duet with another one of my favorites, Sam Beam from "Iron and Wine." How did I not know that such a song existed?!?!?!

I urge you to listen!

This song specifically I give to my dear friend, Amber. Brighter days are on the horizon for you too. I am quite positive this song was written for you.

Red rover, red rover
Send Mary right over
Schoolbooks in her hand
And her shawl over her shoulder
And let her run
Run as fast as she can
Don't let her grow up to be
Like her mother
Heart so unconvinced and her world
So undiscovered
And asking for forgiveness
Not knowing how to forgive.

And oh
Just let her go
And oh
She's beautiful
If you hold her back,
She may never know.

Red rover, red rover,
Send Daniel
Schoolbooks in his hand
And a coat over his shoulder
And let him run
Run as fast as he can
Don't let him grow up to be like his father
Heart so set in stone
And smile so undercover
And opening the door to love,
Never letting love in.

And oh
Just let him go
And oh
He's beautiful
If you hold him back,
He may never know.


Carla said…
I'm so glad you have that CD! I've been wanting to send it to you for the last few months cuz it totally makes me think of you. :)
And you have it.
Amber said…
aww Erika that song made me cry : ) Happy tears : )