Kids Get It.

Today, Arden and I had a wonderful visit with dear friends over coffee. I was again overwhelmed with how much understanding and language their little two year old possesses. Little Forest blows my mind. Kids understand so much more than we give them credit for. They are such smart little stinkers.

Forest sat across the table from Arden and I and spent the entire visit being ridiculously cute and rattling off little phrases here and there. Near the end, Forest leaned towards me and asked,

"Erika, are you in love with Arden?"

I literally had to swallow back tears. It left me quiet for a second so he had to ask me again to which I replied,

"Yes I am. Everyday."

Forest now tops the list for the most beautiful thing a child has ever asked me.


Kindra said…
Aww that's so sweet. I can't wait till Eva can talk and she is saying adorable things like that :)