Happy Easter

I came upon this community response passage for Easter and had to take a moment to let the words sink in. I love the last line so much.

*Unfortunately I have no idea who wrote it.


In Your cross, we truly see
The God who suffers,
To show us the magnificence of love.
The God who offers,
To purchase those He made by love.
The God who chooses,
To sacrifice His greatest love.
The God who conquers,
The pow’rs of ages by force of love.
In Your cross, we see the God who nurtures, shares and gives.
In Your cross, we see the God who suffers, dies, then lives.
In Your cross, we see the pathway,
In Your cross, we see the fullness,
In Your cross, we see the supremacy of love that suffers, redeems, sacrifices and rises in victory.

In Your cross we see humanity freed from powers unseen, within and without. In Your cross, we see the way to life marked by love that faces death, surrenders it’s will, gives without limit, and lives to serve another.

Your life-giving Spirit begins this work of love in us. Your resurrection life seals this work of love for us. Your transforming hope draws this love from us, to be dispensed into our world.

We welcome today Your gifts of new creation,
In our lives and in our world.
Your love has won the day. Amen and amen.

Happy Easter dear ones.