Close to home.

Turns out my cold that will not go away is in fact pneumonia. A couple of my friends have had "cold and flus" that legged around for a couple weeks so at the risk of being rejected at the doctor's office I consulted my nurse friend and drank lots of fluids. I'm now kicking myself for not going to the doctor earlier. When my family doctor couldn't get me in for an appointment until Friday, I finally bit the bullet and went to the emergency room today.

The Doc. has ordered that I do not work for the remainder of this week. I just might go insane. Say a 'lil prayer for me if you think of it. If you feel like visiting I am always up to see a friendly face or two (I promise I will not cough on you).

Stay healthy friends.


Cass said…
Poor Erika! I hope you don't go insane, and I hope that you get back to your healthy, busy self soon! Like I said before, maybe your body is trying to get all the sick out before your big adventure...
Carla said…
AHHHH!! Erika! I'm so sorry... what a big fat bummer - times ten.

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