And then there was one.

Arden and I bought our two 'lil fishes about 6 months ago. One of them died yesterday. Does it make me a horrible person if I really didn't care all that much? At the end of an entire day of watching him float around on his back I scooped him onto a paper towel, flushed him down the toilet and went to bed.

I get real emotional when I'm sick. Arden came home to me sprawled on the couch with a hot pad and in a fowl mood. He quietly brought me more water and Tylenol, put on some relaxing music, ran his hands through my greasy unkempt hair, and prayed with me. Then I felt real bad. Sometimes I wish I was more like my husband. He's one of the few people I know that repays crankiness with graciousness.

So we played crib. I have to admit it helped drive away the lonely-selfish-bitter-feeling-sorry-for-myself monsters. Winning helped too.


PNGPilot said…
I'm sorry you're still couped up at home. We are asking the Father to heal you and restore you to outdoor living:-) Arden you are indeed awesome... grace from the Father given to those we love the most is an incredible thing. We are blessed to have you in our family:-)

Love to you both,
Carla said…
Oh friend, I can't wait for our husbands to meet each other. They sound so alike sometimes. Yay for them putting up with us so wonderfully. :)
Just for everyone who reads this to know, Erika won one game and I won the other one. So we were tied. She did not destroy me at crib like she implies. So there. Hah.
Erika. said…
I certainly destroyed you in the first game. hah.
But I am still leading the series.
Erika. said…
Your face is leading the series.
PNGPilot said…
If the face is leading the series :-) I think it's a nice face.... don't you Erika

Erika. said…
Yah. It's a pretty awesome face. There.
Amber said…
fish have no soul. You can see it in their eyes - the lack of soul.
Cass said…
fish totally don't have souls. I think that's why they creep me out so much...that weird "dead" eye look.

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