We attended a birthday party this weekend where we had to dress up as our favorite movie character. We played dodgeball, played wii, ate cake, and laughed lots. A Sunday afternoon well spent. Here's a couple of the character's that showed up:
Optimus Prime

Antonio Benderes in all his handsome glory.

Adorable Juno and Bleeker

This weekend has held lots of discussion and thoughts on big, fat, future happening things. I am excited for big new things ahead... but very nervous. More on that soon. Good night! I hope you have a bright week.


I am amazed at how much Ian actually looked like Bleaker. That is amazing.
Looking back at my comment, I am amazed at how English me no good speaking. Overuse of "amazing" and then I spell Bleeker wrong. Amazing. Simply amazing.
Cass said…
Big new things??? I'm nosy!!
Amber said…
Nice chest fur Antonio.
Carla said…
curious. that's me. big things... hmmm...

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