One foot in front of the other.

After months of sicknesses coming and going, and never quite getting over one before another 'bout of influenza hits me...I'm determined to get this body of mine better. My friend who is a nurse (who also has a lot of knowledge in the area of lifestyle nutrition) and I had a little chat. I guess I'm not completely crazy. I've been feeling "off" for about two weeks now and then I realized that I've come down with a cold/flu at least once a month for who knows how long. She told me that this is actually really common for a lot of newly married folk. Phew. Well, at least I'm not crazy.

*Mom, stop reading here.*
I haven't been taking any vitamins for about a year.
*Mom, start reading here*

Daily intakes of: vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B, and a good multi-vitamin are a must for me. Great. Basics. I can take vitamins. This is do-able for me.

More sleep: Sadly this is a necessity of life that I constantly underestimate the value of. Ever since some previous health issues while I was living in Papua New Guinea, sleep or lack-there-of greatly affects my current health. Sadly, I never realize this until I am at the end of my rope and wondering why I can't function properly. A decent bed time is a must, but more important than that, I gotta make my bed time a little more consistent.

Starting now.

G'night friends.


Carla said…
awww - yes, take lots of little healthy pills. I didn't realize you'd been getting sick that often!! I hope you'll start to get stronger and stronger with only having to change a few things. :)
love you!