If it's too loud....You're TOO OLD!

Arden and I are off to see one of our favorite Edmonton based bands.... we're trying to save money, so we're being a little bit more choosey on who we go and see. By choosey, I mean we haven't gone to see live music in about a month. This is a big deal for us as live music is normally apart of our monthly budget. Rather than dinner and a movie... shows are our date night... always have been.

Tonight however we're kind of dragging our feet. It's the end of a busy weekend. We both have work in the morning. It's going to be loud. We won't get home until late. It's going to be really crowded. Wa, wa, wa.

This came from the girl who a year ago, clutched her fiancee's hand during one show and asked, "Are we still going to go to shows when we have kids?"

That is if loud music doesn't do me in first.


Kindra said…
I love this post...mostly because it's so true. I don't much like shows anymore...I'm a weiner now when it comes to loud music.