Just chill.

I realized a little too late that a week of two people pulling fifteen hour days is not the most healthy thing. That's when the not so nice, big monsters of my personality creep out.


I had a little sob on my pillow Thursday night, verbalized VERY CLEARLY all the emotions I was feeling, and then Arden graciously reminded me that sleep just MIGHT be the best remedy.

Wouldn't you know it. 9 hours of sleep later, I awoke with a clear head, and a brighter outlook on life.

I am not nice to be around when I am tired and hungry. Check.

Yesterday I actually remembered to eat breakfast, played some music with Mr. Keene, visited with Farmor over a cup of coffee, stumbled upon the cutest pea-coat I have ever set eyes on, nearly fainted when it was 80% off, and then brought that little number home. It would be far too shallow to say that shopping remedied my grouchiness.

But it helped.

Today is a day of working on little tasks on and off, chatting lots with Arden, and sipping coffee. I am feeling a little more grounded. Sleep does that. Breakfast too.


Cass said…
I'm very unpleasant when I'm tired or hungry. Russ can always tell before I can that I need to eat...
Carla said…
hahaha! Really Erika? You get grouchy when you're tired and hungry? nuh uh....
Carla said…
...(because no one else we know does that either.) (If nathan were here he'd be laughing extremely loudly in the background.)