It's a go.

Arden and I have our summer trip penned into our calendar, therefore it is official. We're going! Our day of departure is still four months away but the more things we scratch off our "must-do-before-we-travel" list, the more excited I become. Our first month will be in Europe, and will go a little bit like this:
-fly into Dublin, Ireland
-up to Belfast
-catch a ferry to Glascow, Scotland
-bus to London
-Train to Paris, France
-Fly to Barcelona, Spain
-Fly to Venice, Italy
-Fly to Berlin, Germany
-Fly to Oslo, Norway

We're really not wanting to rush ourselves from place to place so we're planning on spending about 5 days in each city/surrounding area.... give or take.... a day or so. We really want to mosey our way around soaking the whole experience...... through and through. Every crack, crevis, and pore we possess.

Next. Onward to South East Asia to hang out with the family and catch my little brother's High School graduation. We're planning on staying for a whole month and a half! That will be the longest I have been there since I was thirteen. I am so stoked! I plan to eat noodles, speak Chinese, and hug my family every single day. My brother is going to take us on a couple bus trips around the countryside so I will probably end up seeing more of the country than I did when I lived there. Fine by me. Perfect. I'm ready.

The tail end of the trip will consist of a couple of weeks spent in Thailand. We're planning on exploring Changmai and I'm really excited to hopefully take Arden down to Khao Lak (the town that I went to with a team after the tsunami happened in 2005). At the end of July the entire family plans on meeting up for a week at the beach in Thailand and then Arden and I will begin our trip back to Canada.

I am so excited for this journey ahead. It will be such an adventure: strapping a pack to my back and exploring the world with my husband. I think it will be such a trip of discovery: learning more about this big 'ol world, learning more about people, learning more about myself, learning more about Arden, learning more about how we work together. I think it will be so beautiful and big.

I bought Arden a "make your own" travel mug from Starbucks for Christmas. I filled it with pictures and a poem by A. A Milne.

The Third Chair

When I am in my ship, I see
The other ships go sailing by,
A sailor leans and calls to me
As his ship goes sailing by
Across the sea he leans to me
Above the winds I hear him cry,
"Is this the way to Round-the-World?"
He calls as he goes by.


darien said…
This sounds amazing! We are planning a visit just to France in September. I hope that you will keep blogging while you are gone (and before then, of course). I so love your stories!
Cass said…
That sounds so freakin' great!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous, but while you are gallivanting about this great, wide world, I will be busy planning the wedding, so I guess that's a big trip of it's own!!
David LeDressay said…
Looks so great! I'm sure it makes it so real to have it penned out so you can actually see where you'll be. So excited for you guys, it'll be here before you know it!
Homie Bear said…
What a great trip you guys! have fun and send us a postcard.
Amber said…
That's AMAZING. It's sort of like the amazing race, minus the race part. I'm so happy you guys get to spend so much time in China with your fam. And go for Nathan's grad! And everything!

pssst do you need a photographer to come along to document your travels? lol jk
Carla said…
ooooooohhhhhhhh - that sounds like SOOO much fun, Erika! I didn't know you were planning a trip THAT big! (Picture Carla looking up to the sky with her eyes closed and a jealous "i want to go too" Kip look on her face. That's exactly what I'm doing right now.)