I am spending today at home. Tiding up a little bit of clutter, staying warm, listening to music, and drinking tea from a brand new teapot. One friend told us that the spout is quite "sassy" for a teapot. *grin* You think?

Yes I was gone for awhile. Last week I spent a day and a half on the couch making frequent trips to the bathroom. Ick. Not fun. I did manage to do a little bit of reading, cozied up to a couple great flicks, and snoozed... a lot. Then, after the worst was over and I was on the mend, I passed my flu germs onto my husband, like a good wife. We were pretty miserable for a good few days but thankfully are back to our normal-ish selves now.

Life is in full swing again and although I'm thankful for a little bit of routine I'm finding it hard to break out of the hibernation mode of Christmas. All I want is to stay warm, drink and eat warm things, stay in my warm little hole, and sleep... all winter long. I think most of Edmonton is feeling it too. I went for a run this morning and the trails were deserted. It was so awesome to have a quite run through the river valley.... I love how the trails are so tucked away. The sounds of traffic and civilization were a dull rumble compared to the sounds of nature. I'm slowly getting used to this whole "running in the snow" thing. I have to admit that I can't go nearly as fast and hard as during the fall. It's kind of like running in sand I think. There's a whole lot of resistance so you don't go anywhere fast but it feels like you have to work a whole lot harder.... and any leftover energy you have is used to stay warm.

2007 already feels so long ago. Hello 2008. I am ready for you.


M said…
Ewika... you make me feel like such a lazy butt! All this talk about running in the snow; dahling, surely it can't be healthy?!
JK, I'm very impressed! :) I havn't been jogging since my knee went and dislocated itself and refused to get properly well, and I do miss it.