Hearts that Sing.

When I arrived home last night I was greeted with a sweet surprise; a package from my brother. Way back in November we had agreed to do a collaboration of sorts. He wanted to record a CD as part of a service project for his community and asked Arden and I to be involved in it. The whole process turned out to be very similar to the "Postal Service" I must say. It basically involved Nate sending tracks via email and Arden and I recording some violin/vocal tracks, doing a little bit of mixing and then sending our part back to him via the good 'ol internet. We got the final copy yesterday and I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome. I'm pretty thrilled with Nate. My little brother is wonderfully creative and is learning a whole lot through his internship at a recording studio. I'm so proud of him. I'm also proud that we were able to create things together even with the billions and billions of miles between us. I hope that "Paper Hearts" collaborates a whole lot more in the future. :)

I want to wish all the little hearts that lurk around this space a Happy New Year! Arden and I spent a pretty swell New Years Eve with friends, whipped out our sweet skills at wii and ate a whole lot of sweet food.

2008 is finally here which means that plans for our world travels this spring are in full swing. A friend that returned from four months of backpacking through Europe lent us her "Europe on a Shoe String" Lonely Planet book. We mapped out the Europe portion of our spring travels last night and after all was said and done we just kind of stared at one another wide eyed. We're totally traveling and we're really stoked about it.
Then we cozied up to watch a DVD that Sigur Ros made called Heima. It is every iota as delightful as I thought it would be. The imagery, the music, the experience. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. We would be glad to lend you the DVD if you ask very nicely. And maybe make us cookies. And hug us.

I must admit that everyone's Christmas flu bugs have finally caught up with me and I'm feeling under the weather today. I think I may shuffle back to the couch now.


Cass said…
Happy new year too you too!! "Paperhearts" sounds like it would be a very interesting collaboration! Hope you're feeling better soon...
Amber said…
I want to hear it!