bloom and grow.

6 months of marriage today. I am constantly overwhelmed with the awesome-ness of marriage. I don't get it. I am so blessed by it. I see God constantly in it. It is so beautiful.

We spent the evening eating Thai food, sipping Merlot, talking, and just.... sitting. It was so wonderful. We reminised about our wedding day: Feelings of anticipation, moments that stood still, utter exhaustion, beauty. My hands in his. After we had exchanged vows he mouthed to me, hands still trembling, "This is it."

This is it.

This weekend, I took some time to make a little craft for Arden. I found an old "key holder" while thrifting one day and decided to put the convenient little slots to good use. It turned into a love letter of sorts, and I thoroughly enjoyed assembling every part of it. Each card brought thoughts and memories and realities and moments of "us" to mind. I used pretty much everything and anything that caught my eye as I sifted through keep sake/craft boxes: old ticket stubs, monopoly cards, children's books pictures, verses from Song of Solomon, old journal entries, graph paper, buttons, pastels, and inks.

Here are a couple that I especially love. I'm sorry for the poor photo quality. I tried terribly hard in the dim lighting of our little home.


Cass said…
You are so ridiculously adorable.
Amber said…
Sweeeeeet, if you were a super hero you'd be Arts & Crafts Woman!