run 'round weekend.

This weekend was packed. It was full of good beautiful moments, but yah. Packed of them. I am sure ready and thankful for the last hours of today being quiet ones.

Saturday started with an intensely rushed rehearsal. Arden and I and some sweet musicians are playing some awesome, folksy, indy, great tunes at the Wild Earth Cafe on Tuesday (6pm-8pm). Everyone and their Moms are welcome to come. It's a cozy little place and we would love to share our music with you. Leave a comment if you're interested in comin' out and I will send you more info!

We then split to get to my student's Christmas recital. I was beaming the whole time. They are such great kids, and I was so proud to see them take big risks.

Then we were off to an evening of babysitting this stinkin' cute God-son of ours and acting all grown up. Seriously. Our evening consisted of driving around in an SUV with a 14 month old in the back seat, ordering take out sushi, lots of playing and being silly, giving that little guy a bath, putting him to bed on time, then crashing on the couch together to watch a movie. Oh my. We're grown-ups now.

Today I made my first Norwegian Christmas meal. Farmor (my Grandma) came over early and guided me through the whole thing. She wasn't sure if after her operation she would be up to it. Yah, right. She was right in there helping the whole time. Nothing gets her down for long...ever. Once everything was peeled, put in the slow cooker, and prepped we spent the remainder of the afternoon playing cards. I totally skunked her. I'm telling you, I'm a born card shark.

Got the table set.

Then enjoyed a mighty tasty meal together.
Surkal (kind of a Norwegian version of sauerkraut)
Garlic Mashed potatoes
Pork roast (seasoned with cloves, citrus, and cranberries)
Brussel Sprouts (monkey brains in Arden's opinion)

It was awesome to have some time with this stinkin' awesome couple too. I am very thankful for family.

PS: I must apologize for the yellow-y photos as of late. That is the color of our little cottage once the sun goes down (which is getting earlier and earlier it seems). Some might say it adds a "warm" tone. I just think it makes everything look like it has hepatitis.