Little trees.

I assure you, our tree is regulation "potted plant size"... if such a regulation exists. Maybe I should call it the regulation "non-fire hazard" size of Christmas tree... according to the big man two doors down. Not quite charlie brown size that's for sure.

Alright, I'm done with Christmas tree gong shows for one year. I have a tree. I learned a little lesson. I'm very thankful. Yay Christmas!


Kindra said…
Ha that's awesome! We really did have a Charlie Brown tree one was a couple years ago when my Grandma realized she was too tired to put up an entire Christmas tree by herself. So one of my Uncles who lives on a farm cut her down this sparse little tree from his farm and brought it to my Grandma's house. I got to "decorate" it, and by decorate I mean but 4 Christmas balls on and cap it at that! Even that made the branches sag! Of course we had to put 4 on (we needed one on every corner) because otherwise it would topple over! ....but your tree is much cuter (and much bigger) than that....
Erika Britt said…
Sweet! Yup, my old roomie and I have a similar story. We bought a real tree from IKEA (not as cool as chopping it down from a REAL farm) on like the last possible day. There were 4 trees left and ours was the runt. He needed a warm home real bad. He just had a couple of branches and was really skinny. We loved it so much.

This year my motto in terms of a tree was, "go big or go home."

I guess we got a little bigger than last year.