I love technology.

I had to post this. Last night Kristin, Marco, Arden, and I were able to talk to my family way over in Asia on Marco and Kristin's web-cam. Cheap phone cards have been an easy way to connect with them every couple of weeks, but there is something so special about actually seeing them.

They were just getting out of bed on their end, and we were settling down for the evening with cheesecake and coffee. Nate was his goofy self and often crowded the camera by coming in for a close up to show off five weeks of facial hair, Dad was sporting a cup of fresh brewed morning coffee, and Mom couldn't stop smiling.

This picture was taken by my Dad... you can see them in the left corner. It's the first family photo we've been able to take over the Christmas holidays in two years. Technology is great.


Carla said…
That is SO great, Erika! How fun!
Merry Christmas!
Cass said…
That is so cool!!! Yay family pictures!! Yay technology!