First time.

Today I played violin at a funeral in which I had no affiliation with the deceased or their relations what-so-ever.

Arden and I constantly joke that I play the instrument that "stirs people" and he plays the instrument that "rocks people". That's how I kind of felt going into it. That the only reason I was needed or wanted was just to play a whole lot of stirring/emotional fluffy music that would perhaps make people cry.

I felt a little bit weird going into it, but it turned out to be an experience of leading people into heart-song expressions of truth, sorrow, pain, anger, forgiveness, praise, and joy. Worship.

Walking into the building, I had no idea what kind of group I would be playing for. After learning a little bit more about the circumstance of the death, the funeral had complete potential to be very painful, dark, and completely void of hope. I'm so thankful that it was none of those things.

Our pastors were both there, and I had a good talk with them, giving me a brief look through the eyes of grief counselors. Wow.

Kind of one of those days where you know God had you in a place for very definitive reasons.