It is already Wednesday. Oh how time flies.

It feels like I just said hi to Monday.

This week has certainly held some full days for me. Working 8am-8pm three days a week has worn me out. I don't know how some people work overtime perpetually. The evenings have been full as well. Full of fun things with beautiful people, but extra late nights than usual. Nights of playing Killer Bunnies with friends. Visits to Josh and Jenny's place for more dialogues concerning the Saturday night gatherings that we've been hosting. They sure hosted us well. Scrumptious ginger snaps, rooibos tea, The Seven Swans, and the introduction to a delightful new children's book. We sure love them.

I think I will be hanging low the next couple of days and trying to tend to a wee bit of a cold I've been feeling. I'm off to make some soup to nurse my foggy head and maybe make a nest of pillows and blankets on the floor for the evening.

Good night little hearts.