Still empty.

I slept in today. I didn't even stir until Arden got up for work. Even then I promptly rolled back over and fell asleep when I heard him lock the front door behind him.

Yup. I slept right through until 10 am. It felt good to sleep in but I couldn't get out of a certain amount of "slump" all day. I feel like I just shuffled around blankly.

Nope. I did not fill the box with goodies for the children in third world countries because I did not leave the house until 1:30. It is still very much empty, sitting on my living room floor, as it has been doing all week long. Thankfully the deadline for dropping it off is actually SATURDAY, not tomorrow as I thought.

The most productive thing I did all morning was make toast and coffee. Go me.

I shuffled five blocks to get my bus to go teach. It seems like my students were perhaps in weekend mode a day early like me and I felt better when we started getting out of our own individual slumps together.

I felt a little guilty for moping around all morning when I arrived home tonight to a fully made supper made by my husband who actually WORKED a JOB all day. Yup. He is the bomb. I am a slacker.

I practiced all evening and feel mildly prepared for my violin lesson tomorrow.

I can't believe how quickly the weekend has come upon us.
I can't believe how many minutes today I spent staring into space.

I did enjoy the beautiful fall weather with a run through the river valley this afternoon (but I shuffled the whole way). The clear, crisp air made me feel a little better. I hope we have some more fall days like today before the snow flies.

Alright I'm getting far to scattered. Time for me to hit the hay.


Carla said…
love you, Erika. You're blog is so adorable - I love reading it.