My weak immune system has done it again. If there's a chance to get sick, I will. My sniffles and shivers have turned into a full blown cold. This weekend was far too packed to recover at all. I was slightly worried as to what Sunday morning would look like in terms of leading worship but I was able to stand up, play guitar/violin, sing the whole time, and my quivering hands only stopped shaking for the 45 minutes of worship. Thankyou God. Almost immediately after worship I needed a chair. It was awesome to have exactly the amount of strength I needed for that moment in time.

Directly after the service I crashed on Terry and Jean's couch for the afternoon.

I went into work for a couple hours today and am now at home for the remainder of the afternoon. Nothing will cure a cold like chicken noodle soup. I'm drinking rooibos tea like a banchee. I am taking my tray of cold remedies into the living room and plan on laying on our floor forever.

I shall return when I've mended.


Carla said…
awww... I'sorry you're sick, Erika! Guess what? I heard your awesome voice on my voice mail last night! yesss! I'm sorry I missed your call... I'm going to be in Arkansas the rest of this week, but I'm sure I'll have time to talk still at some point. I'll just call randomly and see if you're not working or feeling sick or otherwise busy. Love you!
apaintersmind said…
Mending and yet still taking time to be creative...
Cass said…
I feel your pain. Literally...I'm sick too. And it is terribly unpleasant :( Hope you feel better soon!!
Synchronised sniffling... they should make it a sport, there's so much of it going around! Speedy mendings I wish upon you my friend!

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