little things.

little wooden train found in Arden's Christmas box- $0
vintage Christmas tea cup found while thrifting- $4

wonderfully whimsical Christmas tree candle stands- $3

girl in mittens prints taken from "Red is Best" book by Kathy Stinson and Robin Baird Lewis- 99cents
re-used frames- $0

New stocking made by my Mom-In-Law (favorite detail being the button ornaments on the felt tree)- $0

box of old Christmas ornaments accumulated by Arden and I (and our Moms and Dads) growing up- $0

candy striped and gold colored ribbon, twine, and plain packaging paper- $3

Sufjan Stevens Christmas box set (Sing-A-Long-In-Stereo-Hi-Fi) so that we are guaranteed the perfect Christmas sound track?


Anyone have any sweet Christmas photos they would like to share? Any sweet craft ideas? Found any old Christmas things in your storage spaces? What is your favorite Christmas decoration you love to unpack year after year?

I will definitely be sharing some things that I craft up during the next few weeks. My favorite thing to be creative with is wrapping and packaging. I'm thinking of whipping out paints this year on sturdy tried and true, old school packaging paper which is the only thing I use to wrap gifts these days. It has such a homey, vintage appeal and oh how I love it so. Arden and I are all about the home-made Christmas cards. I will share what we come up with.

Been working many hours, teaching many children, and thinking of friends and family nearby and far away. I feel like I am watching time fly, and maybe flying a little bit with it.

Tomorrow I am spending the morning playing violin and shopping for little things to pack our little shoe box for Samaritan's Purse's "Operation Christmas Child". There are only a few more days to drop the box off at the collection points, so everyone 'git yerself a box! It's for the kids.