Little brown packages tied up with string.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Tomorrow I am attending a baby shower. When I went shopping this afternoon for a gift I discovered how easily it is for people to spend lots of money on cute adorable things for babies. Wow. Everything is itsy, bitsy and stinkin' cute.

Thank goodness I have a husband that follows me around from store to store and whenever I get that, "Wow, that is so neat-I have to get a closer look-oh, I could totally make one-let's go find supplies to make crafty things" look in my eye he gently places one hand on my back and whispers,
"Keep walking."

Yay for frugal, level-headed husbands.

Is it bad to be excited about having a baby one day just to come up with cute little outfits? Yes, I am that shallow.

Oh Erika, you have so much farther to go.


Carla said…
oh Erika - that sounds so familiar! :) Not so much the "I want to make crafty things" part, but the "that's really cute, let's look at it" and the husband hand with the "keep walking" part. :) tee hee. I showed it to Nathan and he laughed too.