Leg warmers are in.

If there's one thing I've learned from my little jogs out and about, it's that our little western culture has it in our heads that one must be trendy when one is exercising. I have to giggle at joggers in windbreakers that have a little extra fabric sown on the bottom of them so as to cover their bum. These little jackets go for around 70 bucks retail. Oops. My bad. I forgot that one must have a warm bum when one works out. Seriously.

I have one pair of running pants, and they aren't even running pants, they are more like extra long running shorts. However, I have to admit, the weather has turned a bit brisk and flimsy running pants don't really cut it anymore. Trendy running gear is a little bit too excessive for me. I'm still using runners I've had since 10th grade and they still work like a charm. But... my little legs are still chilly. So, I'm holding out on buying thermal winter running pants on the off chance that I might get a pair for Christmas. Yes, I openly laugh at packs of runners in matching windbreakers, yet secretly I dream of top of the line thermal pants. I am such a hypocrite.

*sigh* There are still a good many running days until Christmas, so one must be inventive in times as these. I present to you my latest line of winter-workout-wear from a little sprint of craftiness.

Homemade leg warmers. Yup. I cut off the sleeves from an old sweater of mine, hemmed the edges a little bit, and now I have oh-so-soft, oh-so-warm, running legs. I talked with my running buddy this evening and told her that she may be a little bit jealous of my running outfit tomorrow.

"You think anyone wants a round-house kick to the face wearing these bad boys? FORGET about it."
-Rex from "Rex-Quando"
Napoleon Dynamite

PS: Toque-running-hair is totally in this season.


Carla said…
hahaha! Only you, my friend. And looking super hot in the process I bet. You could start an online Homemade Legwarmer Store and make some moola.