Job Well Done.

When Arden and I first started dating he was the renowned bachelor who had 2 things in his fridge. Ketchup and soy sauce. He would cook chicken burgers in his toaster and at times grabbed frozen perogies from his freezer and ate them.... frozen.

After a month of dating we went grocery shopping. My roomie and I had no car, and Arden offered to give my groceries a ride home while picking up a couple things of his own. He bought 200 hundred dollars worth of groceries that night filling his cart with canned soups, instant noodles, Kraft Dinner, and other non-perishable goods. I had to hijack his shopping cart just to get a bag of carrots in with it all. Later that same evening we ran into a mutual friend of ours and they literally gave me a hug right there in the parking lot.
"Arden bought groceries? Thank you. We ALL thank you."

Tonight I salute my husband. He made this evening's dinner all with fresh ingredients AND followed a recipe. It tasted AMAZING! No Italian Restaurant could of done any better. He even went out and bought individual italian spices, ricotta cheese, and whole wheat noodles.

You make me so proud honey.