I've got you and you've got me.

A couple weeks ago, on a sweet Saturday afternoon walk to Whyte with Arden, he turned to me and said he wanted to buy me a Cd.
"Oh?" I asked.
"Ya, I think you'd really like them."

We popped into megatunes and picked up "The Last Beautiful Day" by a group out of Australia called "New Buffalo."

He's right, I do like it. In fact it has not left our little CD player over the past week.

Aw. We're totally married. Arden totally knows what kind of music I love. Sweet female vocals, understated simplistic lyrics, big themes of life-love-and-beauty, slightly melancholy yet hopeful. Yup, he nails it every time. Am I that predictable, or am I just married to someone who sometimes knows me better than I know myself?

Marriage rocks. All the time, everyday. Happy 4-months (*yesterday*) of rockin' marriage honey.


Kindra said…
It's true...marriage really is that great.

You guys are super cute.